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New Prompting Post

My first prompting post (the first post in this journal), is becoming overstuffed. It's getting more difficult to find the prompts in it. So, I'm making this my new prompting post. From now on, prompts should be left in comments right here. Here are THE RULES FOR PROMPTS:

1. Prompts should be left on this post as a comment.
2. Prompts can be a word, a phrase, an image, but may be no longer than ONE sentence (I'm open to trying prompts that are photos or illustrations, too).
3. Feel free to leave more than one prompt per comment.


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Really feel bad that I haven't had much time for reading. I've been trying to hit about one a week, and maybe not getting up to that, but will come back more in that future time of not-doing-this-dang-job-anymore.

1. Koi in a pond
2. Bridge into town
3. 20 bucks on a Friday night
4. Summer at 15

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Thanks for the prompts. :) I used #4 tonight.
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